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After a tough and intense fight in Jāzeps Vītols 6th International Choral Conductors,

FIRST PLACE and a prize of 2,500 euros goes to Matīss Pēteris Circenis (Latvia),

SECOND PLACE and a prize of 2,000 euros goes to Daniil Lashin (Russia),

THIRD PLACE and a prize of 1,500 euros goes to Artūrs Oskars Mitrevics (Latvia) and

PROMOTION AWARD of 500 euros goes to Aivis Greters (Latvia).

Artistic collectives and the competition jury granted as well several special prizes:

Special prize of Mixed choir of JVLMA - Artūrs Oskars Mitrevics

Special prize of Symphony orchestra of JVLMA - Artūrs Oskars Mitrevics

Special prize of State Choir Latvija - Matīss Pēteris Circenis

Special prize of Riga Chamber choir Ave Sol - Artūrs Oskars Mitrevics

Special prize for the best interpretation of the compulsory composition in Round I Saules svētki by Jāzeps Vītols - Artūrs Oskars Mitrevics 

Special prize for the best interpretation of the compulsory composition in Round II Dievozolu trijotne by Jāzeps Vītols - Dávid Farkasházi (Hungary)

Special prize for work with choir from artistic leader of Mixed choir of JVLMA Jānis Ozols - Jack Apperley (United Kingdom). 

Congratulations to the laureates!

We're very thankful to the jury Liana Chonishvili, Marc Korovitch, Guntars Pranis, Ainars Rubikis and Vivianne Sydnes for their intense work throughout the week, as well as huge thanks to the artistic director of the competition Aira Birziņa. 

Rector of JVLMA Guntars Pranis says:
“This is the way how we imagined a celebration should be. It was an honor to celebrate it with all of you. Our common efforts make this world a better place.”

Thank you!

Today 4 finalists work with State Choir Latvija, Mixed Choir and Symphonic orchestra of JVLMA, as well as four wonderful soloists: Viktorija Pakalniece (soprano), Andžella Goba (mezzo-soprano), Mihails Čuļpajevs (tenor) and Rihards Macanovskis (bariton). Closing concert  will take place in University of Latvia Aula Magna at 5 pm.

Concert will be recorded by Latvian Radio 3 "Klasika" as well as streamed live

Finalists announced!

Round III contestants are: 

Matīss Circenis (Latvia)

Aivis Greters (Latvia)

Daniil Lashin (Russia)

Artūrs Oskars Mitrevics (Latvia)

We're very happy and proud. Congratulations to the finalists!

Concert of Round II - live streaming here

Results of Round I
After a long and intense day, Round II participants have been announced. Round II contestants are:

Matīss Pēteris Circenis (Latvia)

Jack Apperley (England)

Dávid Farkasházi (Hungary)

Aivis Greters (Latvia)

Daniil Lashin (Russia)

Artūrs Oskars Mitrevics (Latvia)

Heng-Yi Pao (Taiwan / Austria)

Tomasz Siegrist (Switzerland / Sweden)

*missing in the picture: Daniil Lashin

Recordings from Round I day 1 available on our YouTube channel Vitols Competition (playlist).

The competition has begun!

We would like to congratulate all the participants of the contest - the opening ceremony, which took place yesterday on the 22nd of October, finally happened! It was very nice to meet all of you and we're eager to know the results of the 1st round.

In parallel to the opening of the competition, a press conference was held, attended by our wonderful jury Aira Birziņa, Ainars Rubikis, Vivianne Sydnes, Liana Chonishvili and Guntars Pranis. Rector of JVLMA as well as jury member Guntars Prānis said:
“I have always liked to look at things in symbols, and this competition symbolizes Latvia's place in the world. Of course, we are proud of the history of choir music as well as its origins, but the important thing is today. This contest is a whole new adventure! It is something we could only dream about in our years of studying. I think the most wonderful thing is that we are not going to define one correct interpretation, but we'll very much enjoy diversity amongst our contestants.”

Vivianne Sydnes also said:
"At the age of 20, I myself participated in a competition in Hungary. There I made new friends from all over Europe that I'm still in contact after all these years and we work together professionally. It was a big step forward in my career. I can say that often the best contestant tends to be determined right away, but of course everyone wants to be seen and heard and that is very good! With every step over the border they grow. The desire to learn, to be good... I hope they help and support each other when discovering the wonderful secrets of music world. The conductor tends to be very lonely. However, this competition can be a big step forward for a conductor. "

Ainars Rubikis, chairman of the jury and winner of the competition in the past, admits that he has a great emotional attachment to this competition. "The emotions played bigger role than the pragmatic, material. It has been an honor and pleasure for me to stand next to and help Mr. Lindenberg, who started the wheel of this competition. In my youth it was a good school for administration and management. Who knew that I will climb on the bay leaves in the 2nd competition."

We wish you positive and productive days ahead.
Good luck!


Following applicants of Jāzeps Vītols 6th International Choral Conductors Competition are invited to the Round I:

Gintare Barisaite – Lithuania

Matīss Pēteris Circenis - Latvia

Mantvydas Drulia – Lithuania

Thomas Baron – Germany

Bohdan Prytula – Ukraine

Heng-Yi Pao – Taiwan/Austria

Marco Barbon – Italy

Artūrs Oskars Mitrevics – Latvia

Yeonju Lee – South Korea/Germany

Maria Avdeyeva – Russia

Alenka Podpečan – Slovenia

Aivis Greters – Latvia

Leiu Tõnissaar – Estonia

Patriks Kārlis Stepe – Latvia

Viachaslau Laryn – Belarus

Vilhelms Vācietis – Latvia

Daniil Lashin – Russia

Jack Apperley – UK

David Farkashazi – Hungary

Tomasz Siegrist – Switzerland/Sweden

Thanks to all applicants for interest and courage to apply for our challenging competition!

We have received 47 applications from Slovenia, Finland, Russia, Austria, Lithuania, Denmark, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Canada, Taiwan, Italy, South Korea, Estonia, Belarus, Georgia, Brazil, Hungary, Japan, Switzerland, Sweden and Latvia.


Dear music lovers, especially conductors!

To continue the more than a century long tradition of choir singing and choir conducting, the Department of Choir Conducting, Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music (JVLMA), is holding the Jāzeps Vītols 6th International Choral Conductors Competition in Riga on 22 - 26 October, 2019.

The competition is remarkable with its outstanding quality, a broad spectrum of musical programme, excellent professional collectives taking part, and objective evaluation work by an international jury. This is the largest conductor contest in the Baltic States and has been taking place every 4-5 years since the year 1997. Thus, it is a rare possibility to take part in the competition repeatedly for one conductor, as the rules set requirement for participants being under 30 years of age to be admitted.
Such conductors as Lilyan Kaiv (Estonia), Modestas Pitrenas (Lithuania), Martins Ozolins (Latvia), Ainars Rubikis (Latvia), Valdis Butans (Latvia), Janis Ozols (Latvia), Kaspars Adamsons (Latvia), Stefan Vanselov (Germany), Alexander Humala (Belarus), Dmitry Matvienko (Belarus-Russia), Martin Stakonis (Lithuania), Jurgis Cabulis (Latvia), etc. have been highly recognized as a result of this competition. These are the names currently found to be on programmes of European opera houses, performing with symphony orchestras and professional choirs and taking part in other professional choral projects. It is not always important to get the first rank in the competition to be noticed and get offered to participate and gain the unforgettable experience, and to fulfill the dream of working in front of the world's best choirs, as the participants in this contest: Latvian Radio Choir, State Choir LATVIJA, Chamber Choir “Ave Sol” and JVLMA jauktais koris (JVLMA Mixed Choir).
Application must be sent before 1 June, 2019.

Jāzeps Vītols 5th International Choral Conductors Competition - RESULTS OF FINAL

Special prize for the best interpretation of the compulsory composition in Round I Karaļmeita by Jāzeps Vītols - Ekaterina Antonenko (Russia)

Special prize for the best interpretation of the compulsory composition in Round II Saules svētki by Jāzeps Vītols - Aivis Greters (Latvia)

Runner-up - Rūdolfs Krēsliņš (Latvia)

3rd place - Jurģis Cābulis (Latvia)

And jury has decided to give two 1st prizes:

Dmitry Matvienko (Belarus-Russia)

Martynas Stakionis (Lithuania)



Finalists (in alphabetical order)

Jurģis Cābulis

Rūdolfs Krēsliņš

Dmitry Matvienko

Martynas Stakionis


Round II – semifinalists (in alphabetical order)

Krista Audere

Jurģis Cābulis

Aivis Greters

Egidijus Kaveckas

Philipp Klahm

Rūdolfs Krēsliņš

Dmitry Matvienko

Martynas Stakionis


On behalf of Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music please accept my most sincere greetings to  the participants of the 5th International Choral Conductors Competition. This time the competition bears a closely tied to the 70th anniversary of the Department of Choir Conducting of our academy. Latvia is famous for its long-standing and rich choir music and choral singing traditions. The international appearance of our choirs is truly outstanding.

I am convinced that this competition will also strongly encourage the young and talented choir conductors to follow their professional challenges and make our international cultural relationshipcloser.

My sincere wishes also to the jury and I am most grateful to the academic staff of  the Choir Conducting Department of JVLMA as  due to their persistence, determination, high managerial and professional skills such a  choir conductors’ competition takes place already for the fifth time.

I wish all the participants a very successful contest, but for the jury -  a lot of creative discoveries.

Rector of Jāzeps Vītols Latvian  Academy of Music, professor Artis Sīmanis




Following applicants of Jāzeps Vītols 5th International Choral Conductors Competition are invited to the first round:

Aivis Greters


Alexandra Makarova


Algirdas Biveinis


Ayaka Ueda


Dmitry Matvienko


Egidijus Kaveckas


Ekaterina Antonenko


Elisa Huovinen


Jooyeon Hwang

South Korea/USA

Jurģis Cābulis


Krista Audere


Kristina Petric


Martynas Stakionis


Mārcis Imants


Olga Prykhodko


Philipp Klahm


Rainer Hoffmann


Rodrigo Sosa Dal Pozzo


Rūdolfs Krēsliņš


Vera Slasnaya


Viktoriia Vitrenko



Continuing the classical tradition of choral singing in Latvia the Choral Conducting Department of Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music is organizing 5th International Choral Conductors Competition. It will take place in Riga from 28th of October until 1st of November, 2014

We are looking forward to seeing you in Riga - the European Capital of Culture 2014!