History of Competition :: JĀZEPS VĪTOLS International Piano Competition ::

History of Competition

Latvia is not an exception competitionwise - from all events held here the longest tradition belongs to Jāzeps Vītols International Competition. And rightfully so, since Jāzeps Vītols was and always will be the patriarch of Latvian music. He deserves to be in the international arena, to be known as the Latvian Master; his music listened to in the whole wide world. Jāzeps Vītols competition is organized in three categories - piano performance, vocal performance and choir conducting.

It all began in 1989, when the first Jāzeps Vītols inter-republican competition took place (first prize was awarded to Sana Villeruša, Latvian pianist who now resides in Germany). After the independence was gained, the competition became international and since 1993 stabilized its biennal rhythm. It is now clear that Jāzeps Vītols competition has become a substantial and inseparable part of Latvian culture.

Prizewinners of the former competitions have gained international renown and include many renowned artists of today.

Prof. Ilma Grauzdiņa