Round III :: Jazeps Vitols International Choral Conductors Competition ::

Round III

Rehearsal and concert with the State Choir Latvija, Mixed Choir and Symphony Orchestra of JVLMA (in English).


Each participant of Round III prepares for a concert with a choir and orchestra in a 50-minute rehearsal and performs in the concert one of the following pieces:

Johannes Brahms Schicksalslied op. 54 (Breitkopf&Härtel, EB 3220 full score)

Pēteris Butāns Хоровая симфония parts IV,V (Musica Baltica Ltd) full score

Imants Kalniņš oratorio Rīta cēliens parts V, IX, XVI (Musica Baltica Ltd) Part V, Part X, Part XVI

Vilnis Šmīdbergs Laudator parts II, III (Musica Baltica Ltd) full score

The choir and orchestra have prepared these pieces in advance, the competitor works on the interpretation of the performance. The Round III piece for each contestant will be opted by drawing of lots in the previous evening of the performance.