Evaluation and Jury :: Jazeps Vitols International Choral Conductors Competition ::

Evaluation and Jury

Performance of the participants (in rehearsals and concerts) is evaluated by an international jury consisting of five members. The jury acts in accordance with the Competition Regulations. The performance of participants is evaluated in points 1 to 25. The mark of the round is calculated by deleting the highest and the lowest marks and counting together the three middle range marks.

In Round I the conducting with the piano and the work with the Mixed Choir of JVLMA are marked separately. After the end of the round the marks are summed up.

In Round II separate marks go for the work with the Latvian Radio Choir and work with the Riga Chamber Choir Ave Sol, the performance with the Latvian Radio Choir and the performance with the Riga Chamber Choir Ave Sol. After the performances all four marks for the given competitor are summed up and the marks of Round I are added to the results of Round II.

In Round III separate marks go for the rehearsal with a choir and orchestra and for the concert. Both marks are summed up. The marks for Round I and Round II are added to the mark for Round III. The resulting sum determines the prizewinning positions.

The jury reserves the right to refuse candidates, interrupt the competition, or exclude a competitor during a round without having to provide justification. If two competitors produce equal marks, the Jury has the right to divide the prize between the two competitors.

Decisions of the jury are final and beyond appeal.