Jooyeon Hwang :: Jazeps Vitols International Choral Conductors Competition ::

Jooyeon Hwang (1986, South Korea - USA)


Jooyeon Hwang studied choral conducting and composition at Chung-Ang University (Seoul, South Korea) under Dr. Hak Won Yoon. She graduated summa cum laude in 2008.In 2006, she composed Sangjeoga: Miller’s Song, an eight-part contemporary style choral piece (SSAATTBB). It was published by Chung-Ang University where Ms. Hwang conducted the premiere.

In the same year, she worked as the administrative assistant for World Vision Children’s Choir, conducted by Hee Churl Kim (Seoul, South Korea). In 2010, she began her master’s studies in choral music with emphasis on choral conducting at Kansas State University (Manhattan, Kansas, USA). As a master’s student, she worked as a conductor and accompanist for the Kansas State University choirs.

She completed the degree in 2012. Afterwards she began her doctoral studies in choral conducting at The University of Arizona (Tucson, Arizona, US) under Dr. Bruce Chamberlain and Dr. Elizabeth Schauer. While pursuing her doctoral degree she was a singer of the acclaimed Tucson Symphony Orchestra Chorus conducted by Dr. Bruce Chamberlain. She plans to complete the doctoral degree in 2016.